The Home Team Bias

One the other side of the pond however, the world of sport was in the midst of a revolution that brought back memories of Trotsky, Lenin and the workers uprising of 1917. The near mass hysteria that broke out across the Continent and the UK was the sudden announcement of the Super League –

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The Need for Speed

If you are a young man or even a middle aged one and someone hands you keys to a sleek sports car your biological impulse is to go fast. I don’t know if it’s the testosterone or the Y chromosome but we are compelled to go fast and break things.

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Don’t “Help” Your System

Error when it comes to trading manifests itself in two forms. Error of analysis and error of process. Although almost everyone who trades focuses on the former, it’s the later that really matters

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Trading to Donuts

Imagine you have a small forex or futures account. How much money do you think you would need to make to double a $1000 stake in one year?

Twenty dollars per week.
Not twenty dollars an hour.
Not twenty dollars a day.
Per week!

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The Right-Wrong Trade

There is nothing more dangerous in the market than the right-wrong trade. This is basically a trade where you do everything right – pick the right setup,

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