You Can’t Trade Like a Market Maker

In a fascinating Odd Lots podcast with Tracy Alloway and Joe Wiesenthal he takes the audience on a wild stream of consciousness ride that explains the most arcane details of the fractured modern electronic market structure and Virtu’s attempt to provide intermediation in every major marketplace in the world.

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The Hundred Year Portfolio?

In part one of our analysis of Chris Cole’s appearance on the Odd Lots podcast we took a look at the danger of the recency bias and the over reliance of investors on the 60/40 portfolio which has performed

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Does Dollar Cost Averaging Work?

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the QQQ – the Nasdaq ETF, one of the most profitable financial products ever invented. If an investor allocated $100 each week to the QQQ presently his portfolio would be worth approximately $668.000 or about three times the total investable capital.

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