What is the Fundamental Value of Bitcoin?

What is the fundamental value of Bitcoin? It’s difficult to provide the answer using traditional valuation metrics because Bitcoin does not generate any streams of income and is therefore impossible to value on a discounted cash flow basis.

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Is BABA Worth a Punt?

Alibaba stock continues to sink after the company reported disappointing earnings in its Q2 and many investors have thrown in the towel on fears that what was once one  of the preeminent Chinese internet stocks is damaged goods forever.

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AUD Holds .7000 Ahead of RBA

The U.S. dollar rallied on Monday against some but not all of the major currencies.   Our readers should not find the rally in USD/JPY or decline in EUR/USD surprising because we talked about how a soft jobs report changes nothing for U.S. policymakers on Friday who are laser focused on inflation. 

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