Does Dollar Cost Averaging Work?

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the QQQ – the Nasdaq ETF, one of the most profitable financial products ever invented. If an investor allocated $100 each week to the QQQ presently his portfolio would be worth approximately $668.000 or about three times the total investable capital.

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Options Traders are Betting on AAPL to Fall

AAPL will report earnings after the close today and markets are expecting a blow quarter as the Cupertino giant is likely to have re-established its leadership in the global smartphone handset market. There is however one area of the market that is actively betting that the stock will fall.

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More Love for LUV?

Are Americans ready to travel once again? Yes and no. As the following chart shows TSA figures show a strong recovery in passenger count but traffic remains below the pre-pandemic highs.

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